• What if there was a way to
    find balance without

  • Parents of kids with autism are forced
    to the sidelines in so many ways

  • Have you ever wondered how
    music positively affects the brain?

  • We can help!

  • Did you know
    children of all ages
    can suffer from meltdowns?

  • Our Program may help
    beginning stages
    of life

We are dedicated to the support and recovery of children and adults suffering with Autism and Neurosensory disorders.

The Kahele Foundation is a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization and advocacy group designed to support individuals affected by autism through its proprietary program, Pure Sound Therapy™. This innovative sound therapy system provides another potential treatment option for autism and neurosensory disorders as the brain has shown the ability to change its neural pathways when activated by music. Recent brain-imaging techniques can now show this impact and physicians and researchers are predicting that music may be able to enhance the activity of an injured brain.

Our special gift for parents with autistic children.

As a parent, you never like to see your child struggle no matter how small the task that he/she is trying to accomplish. Parents with autistic children are blessed with patience and caring that is unparalleled. To honor these parents that are living with autistic children, we offer this special tribute. May your strength never dwindle in this continuous journey with your children who provided you with endearing gifts..
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